Volunteer Coordinators Meeting: Tuesday 1st December 2020, 7pm to 8pm

Since launching October 2020, we have gained over 220 individual signatories and nearly 40 organisations. We hope to develop a loose structure of Heritage Declares activists across the UK, and hopefully further afield, who can support each other in putting the principles of the Declaration into practice. Our model is one of active participation by all members, and not top-down governance.

For those who would like to be directly involved with organising for the Heritage Declares campaign, we will be holding a Volunteer Coordinators Meeting that aims:

  • to provide you with a greater background to and further details about the Heritage Declares initiative
  • to engage volunteers in determining and organising Heritage Declares’ activities going forward
  • to connect you with the current members of the Heritage Declares team as well as with other volunteers

If you would be interested in joining us, please RSVP to heritagedeclares@gmail.com by Monday 30th November 2020. We look forward to meeting you!