COP26: Restating Our Position

With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (or COP26) just around the corner (31 October – 12 November) and once again bringing the environmental crisis to the immediate forefront of political and public consciousness on an international scale, we believe this is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the role that heritage can and must play in fighting climate change.

What do we think COP26 should achieve?

  • VAT exemption for retrofit, to encourage maintenance of buildings and promote reuse
  • National and Local Policy should reflect the climate crisis, promoting sustainability as a public benefit and removing permitted development rights for demolition
  • Where justified, sustainability to come before heritage to build resilience in our environment against the climate crisis

Who are we?

  • A community of heritage professionals campaigning for change, declaring that we see the Climate crisis and wish to act to reduce our impact (About Us).

What we aim to do:

  • To shift conservation principles to being the norm, reuse and adapt rather than new build
  • Promoting open-source research and sharing case studies to help all gain a better understanding of the intersection between heritage and the environment
  • Rethinking heritage tourism, by rejecting approached that harm the environment and promoting low impact alternatives
  • Empowering practitioners through support, training, and resources.
  • Protecting our heritage skills base and advertising opportunities to the youth of today as a viable career choice. And in hand detoxifying conservation practice through reducing single use plastics etc.
  • Pursuing ethical finance, following transparent sponsorship and finance polices.

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